Unauthorized Hacking

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Trojan Hacks

Terminal Trojans

  • Trojan(Track) -- Reports to you the current location of all robots within a square zone around the terminal, as if you were standing there with sensors and an Adv. Signal Interpreter. The area of effect is determined by the security level of the Terminal--higher tier systems have a greater range. (Base Chance: 70%)
  • Trojan(Assimilate) -- An Operator attempting to use this Terminal will instead be permanently converted to an ally (to join your personal hacker network :D). (Base Chance: 40%)
  • Trojan(Botnet) -- As long as this terminal is active, it provides a bonus to both direct and indirect hacks at any other machine on the same floor. This effect stacks across multiple infected Terminals (with diminishing returns, in the same way multiple allied Operators stack). Build your own network! (Base Chance: 50%)
  • Trojan(Detonate) -- Sets all explosive machines within the Terminal’s zone of influence to explode immediately when your enemies pass by. Create your own oversized minefield! (Base Chance: 20%)
  • Trojan(Operators) -- Provides real-time intel on where all Operator robots are on the floor. (Base Chance: 40%)
  • Trojan(Disrupt) -- Applies a 15% accuracy penalty to MAIN.c bots in an area around this terminal. (Base Chance: 30%)

Garrison Access Trojans

  • Trojan(Broadcast) -- Any squad dispatched from this garrison will have its type and composition reported to you immediately, and their location added to your intel database for reference.
  • Trojan(Decoy) -- The next squad dispatched from this garrison will have its intended target switched to somewhere/something else at the last moment.
  • Trojan(Redirect) -- All squads dispatched from this garrison have their target altered (more difficult than a one-off decoy). Has a 25% chance to be removed next dispatch, rising by 25% with each dispatch.
  • Trojan(Reprogram) -- The entire next squad (includes single unit dispatches) to emerge will be converted to loyal followers! They will be purple and unable to be given orders.
  • Trojan(Watchers) -- Provides real-time intel on where all Watcher robots are on the floor.
  • Trojan(Intercept) -- Provides a 15% accuracy bonus when targeting MAIN.c bots in an area around this garrison.

Recyling Unit Trojans

  • Trojan(Reject) -- Prevents Recyclers from being able to insert parts into this recycling unit. Items get ejected onto the floor instead.
  • Trojan(Monitor) -- Sends a message when a part is inserted into a recycling unit across the floor.
  • Trojan(Recyclers) -- Provides real-time intel on where all Recycler robots are on the floor.

Fabricator Trojans

  • Trojan(Prioritize) -- Reduces the time to fabricate parts by 33%.
  • Trojan(Report) -- Sends a message when matter is added to the fabrication network, notifying you of when the best time to fabricate is to avoid detection and quarantine.
  • Trojan(Siphon) -- Reduces fabrication part cost by 25% on this fabricator unit, thereby reducing or slowing down fabrication detection and quarantine.
  • Trojan(Haulers) -- Provides real-time intel on where all Hauler robots are on the floor.

Scanalyzer Trojans

  • Trojan(Researchers) -- Provides real-time intel on where all Researcher robots are on the floor in Research branches.

Repair Station Trojans

  • Trojan(Mechanics) -- Provides real-time intel on where all Mechanic robots are on the floor.

Brute Force Hacks

A “brute force” hack completely disregards stealth and overwhelms the target system to achieve some effect, rendering it useless in the process (permanently locked). While brute forcing a system is guaranteed to attract attention, it’s quite easy to do and allows for some more extreme benefits. Successful brute force hacks dispatch an investigation squad and increase the alert level.

Terminal Brute Force Hacks

  • Force(Sabotage) -- Explodes a random explosive machine on the floor, causing the nearest hostile robot(s) to come to investigate it.

Garrison Access Brute Force Hacks

  • Force(Jam) -- Seals this garrison access, preventing future dispatches from this garrison access and lowering extermination squad dispatch frequency overall by 25%.

Recycling Unit Brute Force Hacks

  • Force(Tunnel) -- Provides a location of any one area on your world map. Effectivity varies greatly. Can be fairly helpful by telling you at what depth is Extension or pull Captain Obvious on you by reporting Materials at -10. Will only provide information on areas known to MAIN.c.

Fabricator Brute Force Hacks

  • Force(Overload) -- For those of you who don’t have much need of Fabricators, how about turning them into engines of destruction? :D This very unauthorized hack causes the machine’s EM imprinting system to go haywire, randomly zapping passing robots with corrupting beams of energy. Use only with intent to cause maximum chaos. And you’d better get out of the way! (This is the one which has already been added to the lore, so I didn’t really have to mention it here, but may as well for completeness sake--plus it’s the most fun =p)
  • Force(Download) -- Obtains the schematic of the item loaded in this Fabricator.

Scanalyzer Brute Force Hacks

  • Force(Extract) -- Extract from the system’s memory a number of schematics for parts previously scanned by other robots. You can’t control the results, but if lucky it can be fairly useful.