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Robots in Cogmind are composed of parts in a similar manner to the Cogmind itself. They have a core and parts that attach to provide them with abilities, with no innate traits or enhancements. The only stat that varies between classes is Core Integrity, or how much base damage each robot's core can take before being destroyed.

The levels of Cogmind are filled with a variety of robots, many of which fill unique roles within the ecosystem. All robots can be classified into two categories: non-combat and combat. Non-combat robots primarily react to their environment: they rebuild broken walls, collect loose parts, and move items around. Combat robots will spend most of their time reacting to you, primarily with violence. However, you will run into some allies on your journeys.

Almost any robot can be hacked. Access a robot's system using either a melee or remote datajack.

Greater detail on each class of robot and their behaviors can be found on the class page.

Conventional Robots

Designation Class Behavior
[7] Alpha 7 Hostile
[a] Hauler Neutral
[b] Brawler Hostile
[B] Behemoth Hostile
[c] Researcher Neutral -> Hostile
[C] Carrier Hostile
[C] Compactor Hostile
[d] Demolisher Hostile
[e] Saboteur Hostile
[E] Executioner Hostile
[F] Fortress Hostile
[g] Grunt Hostile
[h] Hunter Hostile
[i] Protector Hostile
[k] Worker Neutral
[K] Striker Hostile
[l] Duelist Hostile
[m] Mechanic Neutral
[m] Minesweeper Neutral
[n] Drone Hostile
[o] Operator Hostile -> Neutral
[p] Programmer Hostile
[r] Recycler Neutral
[s] Swarmer Hostile
[t] Tunneler Neutral
[u] Builder Neutral
[w] Watcher Hostile
[x] Specialist Hostile
[Y] Sentry Hostile


See The Assembled article for more details. Assembled side with no one in particular.


Unconventional robots seen in the Mines and Caves. Occasionally they also invade Complex 0b10.


See Category:Robots for a list of all robots. See Category:Passive Robots for a list of all passive robots. See Category:Hostile Robots for a list of all hostilerobots.