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From the Manual

While all features are accessible via mouse, using the keyboard can make for much more efficient play. Thus it is helpful to at least gradually learn some or all keyboard commands. Fortunately there is a general logic to the command modifiers that makes them easier to remember and keeps the input scheme consistent throughout the game ~Kyzrati:

 Ctrl:                               (Parts) Attachment/activation ("up")
 Alt:                                (Parts) Detach/Drop ("down")
 Shift:                              Information
 Shift-Alt:                          Rare/special commands
 F-keys:                             Interface mode changes
 Escape:                             Cancels/exits pretty much anything

In Game Reference


 Alt-Movement Keys:                  Shift Map View (+ Shift for Jump)
 Enter \ Alt-Keypad 5:               Center on Self
 v:                                  Show Volley Range
 Shift-Alt-o (Hold):                 Show Orders
 1~4:                                Label Enemies/Allies/Parts/Exits
 x:                                  Examine (Look) Mode
 z:                                  Intel Overlays


 Keypad # \ Arrows \ Vi-keys:        Move (Arrows: + Shift/Ctrl for diagonal)
 Shift-Keypad # \ r-Arrows \ r-Vi:   Run
 < \ >:                              Up-stairs / to Branch


 Keypad 5:                           Wait
 g:                                  Get Item
 a:                                  Get Item and Attach
 f:                                  Fire Mode (+ Ctrl to Force)
 Ctrl-Shift + Movement Keys:         Force Melee
 s:                                  Status
 o:                                  Order Ally/Confirm Order Target


Note: This is after you press 'x' to enter examine (look) mode, or are in fire mode ('f').

 Movement Keys:                      Move Cursor
 Tab:                                Cycle Targets (+ Shift Reverses)
 Ctrl-Tab:                           Cycle Items (+ Shift Reverses)
 d:                                  Data
 Esc:                                Cancel


 Esc:                                Close/Cancel
 Space:                              Clear/Previous Message
 Esc \ ? \ F1 \ F12:                 Help/Options
 Ctrl-Shift-Alt-s:                   Save and Quit
 Alt-F10:                            Self-Destruct/Restart
 F2:                                 Toggle Keyboard Mode
 F3:                                 Toggle ASCII Mode
 Alt-Enter:                          Toggle Fullscreen
 PrtScrn:                            Screenshot


 Keypad +/-:                         Scroll
 PgUp/PgDwn:                         Page Up/Down
 End:                                End
 F4:                                 Expand/Shrink


 -/=:                                Scroll
 Shift-0~5:                          Info
 0~5:                                Order
 Shift-Alt-o (Hold):                 Show Orders
 F5-F8:                              Multiconsole Mode


 Shift-a~z:                          Info
 Ctrl-a~z:                           Toggle State
 Ctrl-Shift-a~z:                     Swap/Reassign
 Shift-Alt-r:                        Reswap
 Alt-a~z:                            Detach
 p:                                  Toggle Auto-activate

Data Visualization (Parts/Inventory)

c:                 Coverage :        Relative coverage given curent loadout
e:                 Energy :          Energy generation/consumption
w:                 Integrity :       Remaining integrity (%)
q:                 Info :            Essential stat summary


 t/m/i:                              Sort: Type/Mass/Integrity
 Ctrl-1~0:                           Attach
 Shift-1~0:                          Info
 Alt-1~0:                            Drop
 Shift-Alt-d:                        Undo Drop