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Different robot cores are designed to interface with a unique set of parts. Parts fall into one of four categories: Power, Propulsion, Utilities, and Weapons. The Cogmind is special in that it can dynamically bind and interface with any type of part by expending an amount of matter and energy.

Attaching a part requires 20 energy and 10 matter. Detaching a part expends 10 energy.

Power Sources

Engines, power cores, and reactors supply the power necessary to run other systems. Be aware that most power sources will shut down temporarily when the core begins overheating.

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Treads, legs, wheels, and hover/flight units represent a spectrum from greater mass support and slow speed to lower mass support and fast speed. Exceeding the mass limit provided by active propulsion components will slow movement.

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The largest and most versatile category of parts is made up of those classified as some form of utility. Each utility is built around a single capability, the effect of which is described on the part's info page. Where applicable, the description also indicates whether the effect stacks, an important factor for mechanics purposes.


Non-Part Items