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This is Grid Sage Wiki, an unofficial resource and community site for Grid Sage Games projects. It currently contains strategy discussion, spoilers, and other information related to Cogmind. Grid Sage Wiki is run by volunteer authors... including you, should you choose to help! This web site is a wiki; you can edit any page to improve it.

Grid Sage Wiki has no official affiliation with Grid Sage Games or project developers, but is hosted as a service to players and the community at large as a way to share information. It was created on June 1, 2015.

To browse this site, visit the Main Page. To discuss a specific article or subject, edit its discussion ("talk") page. To contact a specific editor, edit their user discussion page. For general issues, post a message on the main page.


Grid Sage Wiki is a wiki; it is a web site that allows all readers, including you, to edit almost any page. The process is simple: click "edit" at the top of a page, register an account (this is to prevent spam), make some changes in the box that appears, then save them.

If this seems strange (or if wiki seems familiar, but Grid Sage Wiki seems strange), you might want to look at our help section.

Grid Sage Wiki compared to Wikipedia

Grid Sage Wiki uses the wiki engine MediaWiki. RogueBasin uses MediaWiki, as do many other wikis. Across each MediaWiki installation, the wiki markup is the same: [ [link] ], bold, italic, { {template} }, and so on.

Grid Sage Wiki welcomes editors from Wikipedia, but Grid Sage Wiki is not Wikipedia! Our articles are exclusively about Grid Sage Games projects. Some inspiration for the site came from other game wikis; specifically CrawlWiki and UFOpaedia.

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All of the texts on this website are copyrighted to their respective authors.

Cogmind the game, and anything else that appears on this site taken from Cogmind or other Grid Sage Games projects is copyrighted by Josh Ge and Grid Sage Games.